“Enjoy more character goods in your life!” Base on this theme, COSPA ASIA have been developing various character merchandise. COSPA created the COSPA ASIA stores, aimed at Asian markets. Ahead of opening new stores in other Asian countries, COSPA ASIA AEON MALL Makuhari New City was newly opened in December 2013. Check out the latest information on “Japanese character goods culture” in COSPA ASIA!
Of course, we are planning to open chain stores in other countries.

The COSPA ASIA project is a joint partnership between COSPA, Inc. and Tezukayama Holdings Co., Ltd.
Tezukayama Holdings Co., Ltd is in charge of the operations, such as store expansion, store management, store logistics, developing the marketing platform, etc. On the other hand, COSPA, Inc. is responsible for manufacturing planning, design, and production of the merchandise.

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