【EVENT】”Monokuma” & “Monomi” from “Danganronpa” series visit COSPA ASIA Again!

From the popular game “Danganronpa” series, famous character “Monokuma”
and “Monomi” will visit COSPA ASIA on April 19th!
(1st session: 11:00-  2nd session 15:00- ). The event previously started, “Danganronpa Kibo-gamine school shop at COSPA ASIA” is ongoing too!

This may be the last chance to meet them at COSPA ASIA.
New goods of “Danganronpa” series are on sale and back lot of class room trial is displayed. Take photos with Monokuma after shopping!

【Date】 4/19(Sun)
1st:13:00~ 2nd:15:00~ 3rd:17:00~
【Place】 COSPA ASIA (Grand mall 3F, AEON Mall Makuhari New City)

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